Saturday, September 24, 2011

The new surf travel trend: The power of branded surf camps

Interview from Surfers Village magazine to Surf'inn 

The new surf travel trend: The power of branded surf camps

In the past few decades surfers have been exploring the world in search of new and different waves, leaving prints in almost every country and surf spot. Not long ago surf holidays were confined to a small and restricted number of surfers and to some more popular surfing destinations. More recently, the Internet and low cost flights made surf holidays abroad more democratic and accessible to everyone.

Surf travel was definitely powered by the Internet and access to information. Who would imagine in the sixties we would have today webcams all over the place to check out the best surf spots? Of course the pleasure for never ending and no-aim surf-trips still drives many surf travelers nowadays, but most of them will “Google it” first.

Along with the democratization of surf tourism, surf magazines, brands and movies, made surf more than a sport. Surf is a lifestyle, and it can be the main motivation for travelling overseas and discovering new cultures.

But what about now?

We have more information than ever, hundreds of destinations available, waves and breaks, surf camps and schools, packages and Surfaris, surf-trips, and thousands of other options to choose from.

Yes it’s cheaper and easier but that does not mean simpler choices. Surf travelers want to choose the right combination of waves, but also services like accommodation, flights, classes, boats etc, turning the next surf vacations into a more conscious decision. From blogs to forums, social networks help surfers to firstly collect hundreds of opinions about previous experiences.
In the past few years companies like Surf’inn Surf camps – a branded surf camp chain – envisaged a branded surf camp chain based on specific criteria and coherent values. 

Pedro,  the company manager says: "It's important to give our clients the same quality standards on each surf camp, so that people bind Surf'inn with great surf experiences and want to return next year!" ... “our clients are very selective and have high expectations, so we have to work harder and harder to overcome those expectations. It's our goal to promote only the best surf camps on each destination. All Surf’inn Surf camps cater the best facilities and instructors and guides in the area. Location, surf equipment, accommodation, insurance, and environment policies are some of the main criteria that Surf’inn analyses to select surf camps

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