Sunday, September 25, 2011

New trend in surf travel The customized surf trip

New trend in surf travel  The customized surf trip

Surf lessons go great with a biking tour, a sky dive, a horse ride or a yoga session. You name it...

Imagine yourself...waking up in Africa. It's morning but plenty sunshine and having a great breakfast towards a wonderful sea view.You grab your surfboard, saddle the stubborn camel and head down to this perfect break just a couple of miles ahead on the beach. Now stop dreaming and make it real! It's just a few mouse clicks away!

Surf is for everybody! That's why we offer the most complete set of packages, services and extra activities to surfers of all levels and people of all ages. Either if you’re travelling alone or with your boyfriend / girlfriend, with your family or in a group, tell us what your preferences are and we’ll always make sure that everything is set up, so that you can enjoy the best surfing experience adapted to your priorities.

Our main goal is to provide the best possible surf experience possible to all our customers. Check out all the content we have available and select one of our surfing packages or build your own surf tailor made package. Feel free to have a short break on your surf lessons and take biking tour, a sky dive, a horse ride or a yoga session. You name it...

Since we've decided to work only with the best, all our partners are highly experienced and will surely take great care of you during your stay. We always make sure that the selected destinations meet the high quality required by our standards. This way, we know exactly what we are selling and we visit each destination regularly to guarantee clean accommodation, good surf courses, good food and good surf conditions. All instructors are accredited by Local Surf Federations and have life guard license. This way, all the staff are skilled surfers with great know how of their local grounds. 

There is a growing number of groups of people from universities, schools, companies, clubs and other associations traveling for this ultimate surf experience! If you're in one of these groups, contact us and find out our special offers. Come and see the unique surf conditions we have all year round. Believe us, once you try it, you'll return every year.

By booking through Surf'inn, we will recommend you the best surf camp that suits what you are looking for. Enjoy simple and safe booking system and surf insurance! Join your family and friends and Surf'inn to it!

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