Saturday, November 26, 2011

Billabong Mundaka Challenge 2012

The best left in the World according to Tom Curren, one of the living surf legends, will be hosting again a surfing event. The Billabong Mundaka Challenge will start its waiting period from January 15th to the end of March.In between these dates, some of the best tube riders in world will be invited to surf the Basque most famous wave. According to the organization this will not be a common event and it will definitely bring Mundaka to the map, after being removed in 2009 from the regular stages of the World Tour of surfing.
It will have a different format with one hour heats of 6 surfers. The prize money is symbolic of 15.000 USD.
Surfers attending this event will be past Billabong Pro Mundaka winners like Occy, Mick Lowe or Bobby Martinez.Read more here

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