Saturday, November 26, 2011


The way you do it may differ from the traditional surf, to windsurf, kite, bodyboard, bodysurf, kneeboard, paddle surf, and all of these are constantly developing new surfing techniques.In fact, experienced surfers can improve their skills by combining other sports. Learning a similar surf sport can be a way of “getting out of the box” and trying new things on top of a board.For example you can upgrade your surf skills by learning how to do kite, and the other way around, as kite surfers can always learn how to surf and increase their kite skills”, says Joao from Surf’inn Surfcamps.
We at Surf’inn, are driving this trend offering packages to both experienced and beginners that combine accommodation with kite & surf lessons”.
Joao also says that the combination of both surf and kitesurf is also a way to maximize the time spent on surfing holidays. “We always expect weather conditions to be perfect for surf or kite, but these are always changing, being impossible to predict what the weather will be like. So, if you are adaptable you can always take advantage of what the weather will be”.
Surf’inn Lagos has been offering these packs since 2003 for all those who wish to have a diversified watersport experience.  These water sports need different natural conditions but Lagos has unique geographic conditions to combine surf, kite, windsurf and wakeboard just a few minutes away from each other! From perfect waves to consistent thermal winds and flat water, Lagos is indeed a blessed place.
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