Friday, September 28, 2012

Search the unknown but leave it the way you found it

Surfinn Mundaka
Back to basics is again the new surf travel trend!
But this time with environmental focus!
'Search the unknown but leave it just the way you found it! Untouched'

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 6 April, 2012 : - - Surfinn Surfcamp’s slogan could be the motto for any travel campaign, but with the summer almost there, Surfinn Surfcamps is again reinforcing the promotion for sustainable surfing experiences, especially when going back to basics is becoming again the trend.

Travelling light, keeping it simple, being close to the nature and searching for hidden beaches are again some of the features of the surf traveler. And the search as a way of travelling is becoming more mainstream due to better accessibility, road signs, GPSs, Internet and the word-of-mouth.
Joao from Surfinn Surfcamps, believes these factors are all adding interest and a real value to surf travel experiences. However, he points out that the lack of attention and control by local authorities is causing many environmental problems to these sensitive destinations.
“In the summer, statistics say that more than 37 thousand caravans drive all the way to the Algarve, with most of them not using appropriate camping parks. Many of these protected places are not being protected at all, as some bad examples of caravanning and camping at the beach have been reported by local citizens.

Vandalism and rubbish left at a Costa Vicentina beach, Algarve's natural Park

Unfortunately, these cases are becoming very popular nowadays with campers and caravans even going further by setting up illegal businesses renting beds and serving as food and beverage mobile outlets for entire seasons. Camping at the beach is an amazing thing to do, but unfortunately it does not bring any benefits to the local community and especially because most of the time, tourists leave something behind.”
Joao continues, saying that insecurity and lack of beach infrastructures like toilets, lifeguards or police in some places are another reason why tourists should be even more careful, but instead these are the beaches these tourists are choosing to spend their vacations. Surfinn Surfcamps encourages camping says the company manager, but in appropriate places, where the usage of detergents, soap, shampoos and other products do not affect the soil.
“As part of the travel chain, we need to make sure we contribute to the protection of these areas and we are doing it since the beginning by getting involved with local associations to fight these abuses and showing local authorities the double negative impact that results from both environmental degradation and also from the bad image left to the next tourists and users of these protected areas.
But does that mean we cannot have the privilege to stay on a remote destination and find the unknown safely? Joao, answers to that question immediately saying: “ask our clients!, of course you can and that is why we do not work with mainstream surf camps, schools or accommodation. We look to offer authentic experiences and we believe that is possible to find on a Surfinn Surfcamp, which apart from the surf spirit, you will benefit from the coziness of being on a natural but sustainable environment.

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