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Tailor-made trips gain momentum in surf travel world

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Surf travel trends: Tailor-made surfing experiences

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 8 January, 2012 : - - Where to find the right combination of waves? Which accommodation to select from? Flights? Surf lessons? Want camel riding also? Perhaps gastronomy or yoga classes?

In the past few years Surfinn Surf camps – a branded surf camp network – envisaged a branded surf camp chain based on specific standards and values offering surfing experiences. Pedro Quirino, the company manager says that Surfinn has carefully experienced and selected every destination, surf camp, team member and suppliers we work with, in order to provide the best surfing experience. “We design our customers’ trips and knowing the product is the key to meet their expectations.”
Pedro says also that travelers look for unique experiences when selecting their surfing holidays and the decision lies over an entire set of activities and facilities that compose the surf trip. “Everyone tries to make the next surf trip the most memorable or at least one of a kind surfing trip”.
He goes on saying that when Surfinn was created, 4 years ago, surfers were looking for new destinations and they were very flexible regarding the accommodation, prices and itinerary; basically more flexible with the whole experience.
Nowadays, surf travelers are more exigent and demanding than ever before, looking for the best value-for-money. “The conscious mind-set of taking the best decision is itself part of the experience and most of the times surf travelers don’t meet their expectations by booking with generic websites that offer thousands of surf camps and are nothing more than directories. These companies are databases and they add destinations without ever going there so how can they recommend anything? At Surfinn we brand a surf camp! We brand an experience!”
The next destinations offering tailor-made surfr trips offered by Surfinn will be the Maldives and Sri Lanka, but other places are also on the map. “We have teamed up with many agents and members that travel to many surfing destinations to evaluate the destination, yet finding the right partners providing the best facilities, in consistent and solid breaks is not easy task and definitely we do not find them by going to directories”.

Surfinn to it!

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