Saturday, October 6, 2012

VIDEO: Kepa Acero surfinn' Angola

5 Sseas - 5 Continents, a project that Kepa started in search of remote waves and destination is movin' on and now the basque surfer also known for his Globe Trotter surf spirit led him to Angola after having surfed in Namibia in 2010 and comin' from recent experiences in Indonesia and the Andaman (India). 
Angola is still not a very tourism-friendly destination due to all the Visas and hassles on arrivals...also a very expensive destination and where the surf lifestyle still is not there at all. Coming from a long period of Civil war, Angola is still an emerging country with many natural resources like diamonds, gold and Oil which are shaping a new country...but it also has good waves.
Kepa waited almost two months for the visa, but finally made it, searching for unpublished waves in very special places in close contact with nature, cultures and people.
Below is only the teaser, the full video will be posted here...soon.

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