Saturday, January 19, 2013

Big wave riding @ Nazaré, Portugal - 11th January 2013

Here's the most recent video release about Nazaré big surfing days. The Billabong tough crew  composed by Shane Dorian, Eric Rebiere and Benjamin Sanchis did well in one of the biggest swells of the year so far, very similar to the waves surfed by McNamara in 2012 with 78 ft. 
On Friday 11th January, the boys dropped enormous waves. Shane said "if you had paddled into the biggest waves today, you would have paddled into the biggest wave ever paddled. I have no doubt about that.”
“As far as intensity, power and size goes you could compare this wave to anywhere, whether it’s Cortez Bank, Jaws or Mavericks,” Dorian said. 

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