Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What have all these in common? Kepa Acero, Surf in Africa, Sustainability, World Travel Market?

Different topics alone, but with a lot in common. Let’s go one by one. Kepa. A modern soul surfer from the Basque Country, Spain, yet he’s more like citizen of the world and one of the happiest surfers on the line up. Owner of a unique laugh, Kepa travels often alone with a camera and a few surf boards sponsored by Pukas. Kepa is a nature explorer, writer and blogger that has surfed ins weird places like Antarctica, Patagonia and Angola while doing a series of documentaries “Five Waves, Five Continents", "The Final Frontiers", and the "Five Seas". One of the continents that Kepa Acero surfed was Africa. 

But surf in Africa is not new to Kepa neither to the world. Surf in Africa was praised long time ago on the Endless Summer movie, filmed during the 60s, showing incredible waves down at Cape St. Francis in South Africa, south from Jay Bay which is one of the most popular surf destinations worldwide today and, for many, home to the best right-handed waves in the world. 

But in this continent there’s many more surf spots, you can literally surf the entire East and West coast from Morocco to Somalia…

Well, surfing in Somalia would not be for the majority of us, but Morocco is one of the most popular surf destinations for European surf travelers especially during the winter time when the north Atlantic produce bigger swells but temperature is very good. 

So Morocco doesn't offer many risks for travelers like Somalia, but poverty level in Morocco is still worth considering which lead us to sustainability and development one of the global trends published by the World Travel Market exhibition in London: “Surfing tourism is growing quickly in Africa and represents an interesting opportunity for sustainable tourism development”.

So where should you surf in Africa? Perhaps a few more thoughts worth discussing? Perhaps an interesting topic for a master thesis? 

Surfinn to it!

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