Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Surf’inn goes viral with clips of France and Spain

Surf’inn is preparing the new 2012 season and has just launched videos of its newest surf camps in France and Spain. The new videos of surfcamps in Hossegor in France, Mundaka and Santander in Spain introduce you to the staff, the waves and facilities, but also to the atmosphere of a Surf’inn surf camp.

In collaboration with Stockshots Media, it has covered all angles of a Surf’inn experience, from surfing to chilling in the best selected accommodations for beginners or experience surfers. Gomes , partner of Stockshots but also an enthusiastic surfer and cameraman has covered every single detail of it. Gomes says: “These are among the best European surf destinations and to get the best of a surfing experience you should combine it with the best, yet affordable and coolest places to stay”.

Surf’inn and Stockshots will soon be releasing more videos and experiences! Be connected to Surf’inn website, Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook page for more updates.