Saturday, January 19, 2013


Kepa Acero now "dances" with penguins in Antarctica!

This guy is a role model for every soul surfer!
Want to know how good can it be to travel alone? Well, according to Kepa you can experience much more when you're travelling alone. Actually, did you know that 15% of our guests travel alone? 
From Taghazout to Oporto there's always an opportunity to get to know locals and other surfers travelling. 
Want to follow Kepa's advice? Contact Surfinn!

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Big wave riding @ Nazaré, Portugal - 11th January 2013

Here's the most recent video release about Nazaré big surfing days. The Billabong tough crew  composed by Shane Dorian, Eric Rebiere and Benjamin Sanchis did well in one of the biggest swells of the year so far, very similar to the waves surfed by McNamara in 2012 with 78 ft. 
On Friday 11th January, the boys dropped enormous waves. Shane said "if you had paddled into the biggest waves today, you would have paddled into the biggest wave ever paddled. I have no doubt about that.”
“As far as intensity, power and size goes you could compare this wave to anywhere, whether it’s Cortez Bank, Jaws or Mavericks,” Dorian said. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Surf crowdless waves in Oporto, North of Portugal

The North of Portugal is becoming a very popular surf destination due to its amazing waves, the historical Oporto city, amazing nightlife and low cost flights to most European cities. 
For more info about the region and places to stay, check the Surfinn Esmoriz Surf Camp and Surf School

The nearest surf spots:
  • Esmoriz
  • Cortegaça
  • Maceda
  • Espinho
  • Matosinhos
  • Miramar
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

2012 Carnival is in Madeira Island

The beautiful Madeira Island is preparing for one of the most colourful seasons throughout the year and it is not the flower fest! 

The carnival in Madeira is all about colourful streets with popular fests that will entertain the citizens and thousands of tourists that flow in every year.

The greatest thing of all is that this is also one of the best seasons to surf in Madeira. The North Atlantic storms are blessed by the south east African winds, for perfect offshore surfing days.

Make sure you will get there on time!

Don’t be late and fly in easily with TAP, Air Berlin or easyJet, or click here to get our help.

Click here to see the Surf Camps in Madeira.

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