Wednesday, August 24, 2016


As “Inertia” magazine wrote a few weeks ago: “Surfing is not a sport exclusive to the young, athletic, and tanned”. It is of course better if you start surfing at a young age as you’ll have higher chances of becoming good at it. But nothing should stop anyone of any age in giving surfing a go.

Like football, surfing requires a lot of flexibility, although in surfing you’ll need more balance and the older you are, the more challenging and tough it will be to learn how to surf. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you can’t and won’t learn how to surf, coz the type of surf equipment beginners use is way more stable and buoyant than the lightweight short boards that children and many professionals use.

As they say, better late than never, and if you look after yourself, age is not an issue. If you will consider the physical benefits, such as cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength plus the psychological benefits such as the time you spend outdoors enjoying the natural environment and releasing stress and tension, for sure you’ll agree that these contribute to a better quality of life.

If you look after yourself, age is not an issue.

Most of us stop practicing sports due to family and professional obligations, but most forget that living a healthier life is what will allow us to work and live longer. Hence, our families will always benefit from a little of our daily or weekly surfing escapades. Besides we will still face injuries and our bodies will still age naturally.

Nevertheless, surfing at a later age is possible especially if we eat and train well throughout our lives. Look at some guys like Kelly Slater, 44 years old, still surfing at the highest professional level twice the age of the 22 year old Gabriel Medina…and we are expecting to see him surfing for a few more years!

We guess that only surfers know the feeling, but trust us, there will be no better feeling than surfing next to your grandchildren!

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