Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What type of surf experience do you want to take home?

This is one of those questions where answers come with new questions. Let’s face it, surf is in fashion and a cool sport; this is what drives most of us to learn how to surf.
Surf is actually pretty much in fashion for a few decades now, depending on where you are in time and space. For Americans, surf’s up for more than 100 years now, whereas Europeans claimed the first waves over 60 / 70 years ago.
But modern days surfing is way different than those early days, when boards were thick as a tree. Today many of us already refer to “it” as an Industry or a lifestyle.

Surf lessons help

Many beginners will take their first surf lessons with friends at home. If you’re not that blessed to have waves and reasonable weather outdoor, then most probably you’ll end up traveling abroad and stay on surf camp, hostel or surf house for a week with all included. This will be your first surf experience, and for many the last experience with regards to surfing like every other fashion! So for these folks, surf is over and what make us very sad is that they never got the best of it. 

But for everyone else, it’s all very simple, from the moment you take your first lesson and start attempting your first time ever standing on a surf board. If you’re travelling, then a few more things matter like the selection of the place, the group of friends and few other moments together. But the first (magical) moment when you stand up on that enormous board and, for a few seconds my friends, you’re on top of the world. Well, some 5% never really do, most times due to fear of the sea or pure laziness. But for those who take off, the moment is a life changer! It sounds like a poor commercial right? Well true.
But believe me, more than bringing home a picture of yourself with a huge smile on a huge soft board, you can bring home a virus and then, what was once a cool sport in fashion is now an addiction.

But ok, once the surf gets slowly inside of you it then becomes the so called lifestyle. Once you digest the first love feelings, you’ll treat surfing like something for granted and yet with passion in your eyes every time you talk about it. Dude I’m telling you: you’ll take care of your surf gear like your wedding suit. Well, actually maybe better, coz you’ll end up wearing the wedding suit less often!
Surf then becomes also the main reason for most of your future travelling. Selecting places and yes… friends! We’re not going to say that wives or husbands can be selected due to their passion or at least tolerance to surfing. Hmmmm…

So which type of surf experience would you rather have: the one after the fashion? The one that takes home the picture and then next year tries something else and never gets the best of it? Or the one that takes home the virus?

We know one thing, like those that climb a mountain once and get addicted to the adrenaline of reaching higher and higher peaks; those that go diving and want to try all oceans, being on the passion side and doing what you really like will always be the “thing”.

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